Monday, July 2, 2018  //  3:30 PM - 6:30 PM

IR Disruptors

Current trends are having a profound effect on capital markets and investor behavior. Technological developments are sparking greater market volatility while decreasing transparency and prompting shorter investment horizons. The explosive growth in passive investing is resulting in a new kind of “activism” and fueling greater demands for management accountability. And, today’s societal issues are encouraging lively conversation about corporate culture and triggering significant changes in boardrooms.

These and other factors are transforming how companies communicate with their stakeholders. Come engage in an interactive discussion about these and other trends that are shaping the future of investor and corporate communications.


  • Rich Barry, Head of Corporate Client Services, Citadel Securities – A former floor governor with the NYSE and now with Citadel Securities, Rich will lead a discussion about market and trading dynamics, program trading and passive investing, and other factors that are contributing to a less predictable and volatile market.
  • Rob Zivnuska, Partner, CamberView Partners – A partner with the leading adviser to companies on engagement and shareholder relations, and former head of BlackRock’s Americas Corporate Governance team, Rob will lead a discussion about shareholders’ increasing demand for accountability and long-term value creation.

Rich Barry

Head of Corporate Client Services, Citadel Securities

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Rob Zivnuska

Partner, CamberView Partners

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