Tuesday, February 6, 2018  //  3:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Micro Cap Funding Trends: Attracting and Retaining Investors

How do small / micro cap / private companies attract and retain investors?

What are the communications and compliance challenges?

Many of Orange County’s most exciting companies of the next ten years are likely to be small today but growing rapidly and looking for funding.  One potential funding pool, made possible by the JOBS Act, permits companies to raise money from individuals quickly and relatively inexpensively.  This small but growing fund source offers private investors the opportunity to invest in the Amazons and Googles of tomorrow.

How ready are Orange County’s fast-growing businesses to take advantage of this market?  Are their investor communications skills up to the task of competing against their small cap peers for this capital?

Two expert panels will provide insights and answers:

  • Panel 1:  Attracting and retaining crowdfunding and Regulation A Investors.  This panel, representing the banking, crowdfunding, communications, market analysis, and legal disciplines, will discuss the best practices required to raise the capital you need to grow your business.
    • Mark Collinson, Compass IR (Moderator)
    • David Gosselin, Dbbmckennon
    • Dan McClory, Boustead Securities
    • Amit Singh, Stradling Yocca
  • Panel 2:  The Market Realities – the Issuer’s Perspective:   This panel will include senior executives, journalists and financial experts who will share valuable lessons learned during the capital raising process, including communications best practices and firsthand experiences about successful capital raising using the JOBS Act via Regulation A+.
    • Elaine Ketchmere, Compass IR (Moderator)
    • Michael Faro, Mota Group
    • Joe Oltmanns, OTC Markets Group

Mark Collinson

Compass IR (Moderator)

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David Gosselin

Partner, Dbbmckennon

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Dan McClory

Managing Director and Head of Equity Capital Markets Boustead Securities

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Amit Singh

Shareholder, Stradling Yocca

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Elaine Ketchmere

Partner, Compass IR

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Michael Faro

President & CEO, Mota Group

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Joe Oltmanns

VP, Domestic Corporate Services, OTC Markets Group

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