Tuesday, March 26, 2019  //  3:30 - 7:00

The Changing Landscape for Company Research and Access

This timely and exciting event will be of interest to all public companies — those who may be planning to raise funding in the public markets, and especially those small and micro-cap public companies who already struggle to attract credible third-party research on their company and industry.

Although the pressures that have our attention for this event are not new: the decline of active investing, the decline of the long-lived publicly-quoted company, and MIFID II — this is the first NIRI event to bring together the effects of these pressures on IROs for some time.

Join us for a panel discussion on the changing landscape for company research and access, and how it’s affecting the roles of the buy-side, the sell-side, and the IRO.  In this panel we’ll cover the following:

  • Current best practices for IRO to maximize sell-side and buy-side relationships
  • The impact of MiFID II to date. Given full implementation in Europe what could this mean for the U.S. going forward?
  • The changing profile and research strategy of sell-side analysts and their firms
  • How is the buy-side changing how it secures and leverages corporate research and access?
  • What are the trends in passive investing? Should we expect further falls in trading commissions and bank consolidation if the trend toward passive investing continues?

How the IRO can best navigate this changing environment

Ari Davies

Global Head of Corporate Analytics, IHS Markit

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Bud Leedom

Leedom Asset Management, President

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John Moten

Foundation Building Materials, VP, Investor Relations

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